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Since the pandemic, online businesses have spent over 1 trillion dollars on Policy and Compliance fines.

 Before then, it was only 300 Million 😳 

 Reported by Enforcement Tracker 

ALL ACCESS PLANS™ is an Official Termly Partner. We create the best offers on industry leading tools for our community of entrepreneurs and small businesses.

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All Access Plans™ have partnered with to create the best Termly Plan available online — period!


— Here's everything that you get —


Create All Your Policies with Termly Pro+

✓ All Policies for Your Website + Apps
✓ 30% Lifetime Discount

✓ Complete US/EU Compliance

$166/year — instead of $240/year
*If you find a better deal tell us ▸

Request Legal Support when you need it

On-Demand Legal Support when you need it (to help you protect what needs protecting)

Free Trial — then $16/month

*Exclusive Offer

Tools and Resources all in one place

Your Personal Dashboard with resources to get you started without hiccups and tools to level up

Free Beta Access

*Exclusive Offer


Scan your website, answer a few questions, and Termly will create all the documents you need.

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Hmmm... I'm not sure. What exactly is Termly anyway?

Termly's All-in-One Compliance Solution - Overview
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GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy Regulation, Returns, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookie Permissions, Return Policy, Disclaimers, and more... 

With the 2022 ePrivacy Directives and Online Compliance laws being rewritten all the time, things can get complicated. Termly makes it easy to protect your business online with attorney-crafted policies and documents — for your website, online store, app, B2B partnerships, marketing campaigns... You get the idea. Scan your website, answer a few questions, and Termly will create all the documents you need. And as laws change, your documents and policies are automatically updated.

Termly continues to lead in admin-friendly online compliance solutions for small businesses since 2017.

🤓 Pro Tip: One of the things that we appreciate the most about Termly is the fact that Termly automatically updates your policies as new compliance laws are introduced each month. 

300,000 + Individuals and Small-to-Medium Businesses using Termly

🔍  250,000+ 

Web pages scanned per month

⚡️ 45,000,000+

Monthly Policy and Consent Interactions

🔐 600+

Policies generated per day


Dean Heckler

CEO at Heckler Design

“Termly transformed what would have been an expensive interaction with attorneys into an enjoyable, inexpensive process. The resulting documents are current and give us confidence that we are doing right by our customers.”
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“EPIC!! what can I say, such a relief off my back knowing that termly has me covered in all aspects of compliance with my online business. Highly recommend them and it is so easy to use. YOU MUST TRY!!! Thank me later ;)”
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“Excellent customer services. They resolved an issue I had, within minutes. Very impressed.

Service-wise this is by far the best resource of this type, and I strongly recommend Termly for anybody requiring policies for their websites!”
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Tyehimba T


“Termly generates easy-to-use Terms of Service and beats the expense and time of hiring a lawyer to redraft the terms whenever your business needs change. This is a significant time-saver for anyone running a small business. I would definitely recommend this service to others.”
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Gregory Henry


“Excellent site with the precise information required for and business both big or small.”
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“Being a newbie, I was struggling with implementing the cookie consent solution. The user experience on their website was excellent. It was my own lack of knowledge that was the problem. The service advisers were very helpful and patient in explaining things. Yes I would certainly recommend Termly to others.”

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The risk of non-compliance apply to companies of all sizes

Compliance risks are not limited to Big Tech. Small and Medium Businesses are being fined thousands for minor infractions that could easily be avoided.

One violation hurts your company’s image, results in expensive legal fees and increased likelihood of being found for further infractions.

Sample Small Business Fines

Having a web form without adequately informing customers about the collection of data.

Failure to have a privacy policy and failure to provide a mechanism to allow a user to reject all cookies.

Lack of information in their privacy policy and failure to obtain appropriate consent.

Failure to provide adequate information about the company’s use of third-party cookies and how they are managed in the company’s cookie policy.

And GDPR fines are up to €20 million or 4% of your annual global revenue.

* It’s not enough to create arbitrary policies and banners. You need to actually have proper practices in place.


Don't risk new fines in 2022.

Policies protect your business.

Terms of service and policies not only build peace of mind with customers, but also protect your business from liability claims.


Responsible data practices build trust.

Customers are increasingly data-savvy and feel confident buying from companies that handle their data responsibly.


Termly offers everything you need out of the box

Tailor-made Legal Policies

Policies created with Termly are tailored to stay up-to-date and meet the unique needs of your business


Comprehensive Consent Management

Consent tracking and management tools that help you easily comply with complex consent laws like the CCPA, GDPR and ePrivacy Directive.

🤓 Pro Tip: Without policies that meet compliance standards, your new website may be flagged as suspicious by Google, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and the platform used to create your website. Resulting in customer pay